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  • Cloud Hosting

    Private clouds, public clouds to backup solutions we can facilitate your needs.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Your own servers or lease from us. Including telecoms support and router/device support.

  • Backup

    Using our brand TheBackupCompany to backup your business.

  • Wordpress

    World renowned platform for websites, can be tailored to your requirements and easily accessible for content updates by you.

  • HTML5, PHP & CSS3

    We can build in these technologies as well as provide ongoing support for existing platforms.

  • Photography

    We have an excellent photographer who can capture images for use on your site or branding.

  • Hardware

    Procurement, management and auditing of your office hardware, including full remote access where applicable.

  • Communications

    Certified Third Party N3 Network Provider.
    Phone systems, Email, Messaging and Video Conferencing.

  • Relocation

    Handling the IT part of your office move, from planning to implementation.

  • Remote Support

    Remote support with our Partner RemotePC

  • Creative Ideas

    Helping you to develop your daily work flow and introduce technologies to assist.

  • On Site

    Problems happen, but we will be there to pick up (and mend) the pieces.

  • App Design

    We can provide design services, focused on the graphic and user interface components.

  • Development

    We work with you and any existing platforms you may have to integrate with them so your app works the same.

  • Cross Platform

    We can help you to achieve cross platform results. Primary platforms are iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

experienceWe have over 25 years experience in the technology sector.

We have all worked at a senior level helping businesses to build their infrastructure. With our passion for all things technical we have engaged in making our business something we enjoy and at the same time are able to be honest and direct with customers. We always advise on what is out there, while understanding what they use today.


We are fascinated with all areas of technology and we bring that into our consulting capacity. This enables us to be able to grasp the entire spectrum of the technology arena and help you to better understand how that technology could be used within your business environment. It also gives us the capacity to predict the current trends and future direction the industry is taking, whether that be in the type of programming languages which are evolving or the mobile technology direction in which you should be aware if moving into that area.
We have long been fascinated with the ability of technology to re-invent itself every few years and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront, but at the same time understanding what works now and most importantly, works well.


Helping start-ups to make the right technology choices today which will carry them through to tomorrow and beyond. It is true to say that we tend to get the call once our client has already had some consulting and ends up coming to us with a website that doesn’t quite do what they need or infrastructure which is not fully fit for purpose. It doesn’t need to be this way, start-ups need technology help from before day one, and we endeavour to help so they may avoid such pitfalls and start their technology life as promising and successful as the business life.
We know start-ups don’t have much time to get this area up to speed as they are busy with fund-raising and strategy for the business - and rightly so! Let us solve the technology headaches before they begin.


This might seem an obvious thing to mention, but Consulting often gets confused as a Strategic discussion. We have found that in our experience, technical strategy is just as important and the differences are subtle but significant. A good 6 monthly strategic meeting can work wonders and save you having to fight fires.
That sudden realisation that no one imagined you would be getting 50,000 hits a week on your website soon after it went live; the problems of an infrastructure which doesn't scale when you hire an additional 50 staff for a special project. It's these kind of things for which we can help you to build in fail safe procedures to ensure that should you ever need it, capacity and redundancy will be there.


We've all been there - something comes up and you need an answer quickly. Building a solution is never something you would choose to do in a hurry, but sometimes needs must. That is where we can help, having developed a myriad of technical solutions, we know what works and what doesn't. This gives you the edge, because we can call on our experience to give you a quick response to your request. At the same time, you know when we say 'we've done that before', that you can rest easy knowing we will be able to deliver.
We take over the process, from procurement, to project planning, to implementation and support during the roll out. We can retain support duties after completion if that is what you wish.

Creative TeamWe are passionate about what we do

Simon RandallFounder

Simon began his career in the video game industry in the 1990’s writing hard-core 68000 and i386 assembly language for various companies and excelled as a trouble shooter.
Soon after he then moved on to helping build up a financial start-up, creating their flagship product and it's supporting infrastructure.
During this period he gained world class experience establishing offices in New York and Singapore, which is where he extended his love of travelling abroad, as well as working directly with countless blue chip financial institutions around the globe.
2017 being his 12th year running Scorpion ITC and he has always enjoyed being at the coal face, as well as in the boardroom.

Alistair WhyteConsultant

Alistair has a deep love of understanding how systems work. Combined with experience in consulting for many UK and International SMEs, he recognises the importance of clear communication and delivering results.
He has extensive experience in designing network topologies and implementing networking technologies.
He has taught the CCNA course as an Instructor through the Cisco Networking Academy programme and is a believer in life long learning. He speaks several languages and is currently studying Japanese.
The desire to understand complex systems extends to tinkering with motorcycles and then taking them on long, winding journeys.


We have a multitude of clever, bright individuals who help us on all sorts of areas of expertise. There is almost no field in which we do not have some really committed and dedicated people who have worked with us over the years. IT is always evolving, that is why we prefer to work with a small group of excellent freelance experts who bring with them insight and skills we are proud to be associated with.

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